TDC3 Solar Controller
> 2-5 Pt1000 temperature probes (depending on model)
> 1-3 relay outputs 230V AC on/off (depending on model)
> Relay with electric speed control
> Simple recording of heat with 3rd probe
> Options for enhancement

The TDC3 features clearly written illuminated displays with
comprehensive full text and graphic modes (without any confusing
abbreviations) offering simple operation guidance. Four input keys help
you to assign different functions easily.

Pump Stations
Pump Stations are designed for closed loop pressure filled solar
systems and allow the fluid pressure in the loop and the temperature in
the flow to be monitored. Built into the unit are safety valves. A Pump
Station provides a single insulated box unit to connect the flow and
returns from the solar collectors to the hot water tank. The pump station
is pre-wired except for one solar sensor. The unit requires 500in (w) x
600in (h) space to accommodate it. The depth of the unit is 250mm.

Jayhawk International 2007