Solar Hot Water is an effective manner to contribute to the reduction of global
warming whilst optimizing your energy investments whether for homes,
businesses, farming, industrial heating processes, tourism or other communal
needs. Government commitments are encouraging this focus on both
environmental and human welfare.

Jayhawk International is the exclusive supplier of the Suntech Solar range of
solar thermal collectors. The new Suntech Solar website will be launched soon.
We are able to supply these to distributors worldwide. The full product range is
below. To request a catalogue, please contact

Premium Solar Collector
Premium Solar Thermal Collector for commercial & domestic applications. This new high
performance collector boasts a British-engineered all copper heat exchanger, super heat pipes
for faster water heating and centrally-located heat pipes for speedier installation. Eight output
collector sizes are offered to meet specific needs. No glycol freeze protection is required
when our proven system designs are used.

Domestic Module Range (OEM Option)
This range is aimed at companies who are already involved in the heating and hot water
industry looking to become a countrywide distributor. This high quality assembly kit is
individually engineered in order to remove the need for expensive equipment. No glycol freeze
protection is required when our proven system designs are used.

The Suntech ER Unvented Thermosyphon System
Only requires a mains water supply to and from the tank and an electrical cable and sensor
wire from the tank to a dry place where the digital controller can be installed. The back up to
the solar energy is a 2kW heating element wired into the controller. This collector is available in
3 tank sizes.

The Low Cost Suntech LZ Vented Thermosyphon System
This is offered with a new digital controller for the back up 1.5kW heater element and automatic
filling of the tank. Unlike the ER System, the LZ does not use heat pipes, instead the tank feeds
directly into the glass vacuum tubes. This collector is available in 8 tank sizes from 62 litres to
280 litres.

Premium Range of Flat Plate Collectors (Solarkeymark certified)
We are offering a 2m2 size flat plate collector in two options:
1) Conventional water/glycol filled collector;
2) New flat plate collector incorporating heat pipe heat exchanger technology and advanced
absorber coatings. This design eliminates the need for water/glycol freeze protection (subject
to country of installation).

PLEASE NOTE: Tanks for Solar Systems: All of the Solar Thermal Collectors, except the
Thermosyphon range, need a separate tank for hot water storage. Where possible we like to
encourage sourcing of hot water tanks within the country importing the collectors and parts.

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